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The Impact of Part-Time Employment on the Academic Performance of Government Secondary School Students in District Peshawar in Perspective of Teachers

Dr. Abdul Wadood, Dr. Iffat Ara Hussain, Dr. Khisro Kaleem Raza, Dr. Rahim Khan, Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad Adnan.

This descriptive study aimed to investigate the impact of part-time employment on the academic performance of students at secondary level. It was conducted in 106 Government high and higher secondary schools of district Peshawar. The sample consisted of 320 teachers. The questionnaire was designed to get perceptions of the teachers. The collected data was analyzed by using percentages. The analysis of the studyrevealed part-time employed students neither attended the school regularly nor managed their academic activities properly which caused their unsatisfactory academic performance and lack of participation in co-curricular activities. Teachers also faceddifficulties at the hand of such students. Almost half of the respondents did not agree with the idea of doing parttime employment of the students at secondary level. The teachers suggested the alternative that Government should grant funds and introduce new institutes for providing vocational and technical trainings.Part-time employmentenabledthem to fulfill their needs and continue their studies.Moral, social, financial and cultural impact on secondary school students were also investigated using validated tools and techniques.

Key words: Part-time employment, academic performance, apprentice, secondary school students, future inspiration

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